School NewsApr 22, 2021

— updated Jul 21, 2021

Signing on, officially!

39 new names added to the Book of the School

Founder’s Day is a time to honor traditions, and new MHS students participated in one of theirs on April 21, 2021 — with a virtual twist.

Thirty-nine new students signed the Book of the School during a hybrid and socially distanced ceremony in the Cross Center, with students who were learning remotely this year Zooming in from around the globe.

Head of School Julia Heaton opened the event by explaining the significance of the Book of the School, which contains the name of every student who has attended Miss Hall’s since 1900.

“Today, all new students will come forward and sign their name, indicating their acceptance of our core values — respect, honor, authenticity, and growth,” Ms. Heaton explained, “and will become part of the powerful 123-year history of Miss Hall’s School.”

Wednesday’s event was part of Founder’s Day activities celebrating the birthday of Mira Hall, who was born in 1863 and founded her school in 1898, leading it for 40 years, until her death in 1937.

The day’s activities also included the Alumnae Induction ceremony, where seniors stamped the Book of the School, signifying their transition from student to alumna, and a Mira Hall birthday celebration, complete with strawberries and ice cream, in the Living Room, under the portrait of Mira Hall.

Congratulations to all new students!

Watch the ceremony!

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